It’s against the law to do what?

Just for laughs!

50 of the dumbest state laws you’ve ever heard

1. Alabama: It’s illegal to play dominoes in a poolroom in counties having less than 56,000 or more than 59,000 people.
2. Alaska: It’s a crime to deceive a machine.
3. Arizona: It’s illegal to leave a fishing pole unattended.
4. Arkansas: A pinball machine may not give more than 25 free games to a high scorer.
5. California (This was a hard one because there were so many to choose from): the law requires funding of a Garlic and Onion Dehydration Committee.
6. Colorado: It’s illegal for beverage containers to have a detachable tab.
7. Connecticut: Selling a spool of thread without stating its length can earn someone three months of jail time.
8. Delaware: It’s illegal to sell the hair of a dog.
9. Florida: You need permission to release more than ten balloons in a 24 hour period.
10. Georgia: It’s illegal to catch more than fifteen Redfin Pickerel in a day.
11. Hawaii: It’s unlawful to break off mineral deposits and speleothems from a cave.
12. Idaho: Not allowing the bee inspector to inspect your bees is a misdemeanor.
13. Illinois: All new dwellings must have peepholes in the front doors.
14. Indiana: It’s a crime to spike a tree.
15. Iowa: It’s illegal to disturb a beaver dam.
16. Kansas: It’s against the law to modify the weather without a permit.
17. Kentucky: It’s illegal to break into a cave.
18. Louisiana: It’s a crime for fans at a sporting event to insult the players.
19. Maine: It’s a crime to place green crabs next to soft shell crabs.
20. Maryland: Someone keeping a disorderly house can face up to six months in jail.
21. Massachusetts: It’s illegal to make too much noise in a library.
22. Michigan: It’s illegal to promote an endurance contest lasting more than twelve hours.
23. Minnesota: Buying alcohol on Sunday is a misdemeanor.
24. Mississippi: It’s illegal to teach another the art of polygamy.
25. Missouri (this one made me actually laugh out loud): It’s a crime to let an unaltered jackass run at large.
26. Montana: It’s illegal to let your sprinkler get a passerby wet.
27. Nebraska: It’s a crime to do a reverse bungee jump.
28. Nevada: It’s illegal to use obscene language in front of a dead body.
29. New Hampshire: It’s illegal to harvest seaweed at night.
30. New Jersey: Windmills may not interfere with the view.
31. New Mexico: It’s against the law to deface a rock.
32. New York (this too had a lot of ridiculous laws to choose from): It’s against the law to beat a dirty carpet on the sidewalk.
33. North Carolina: All garbage fed to swine must be thoroughly cooked.
34. North Dakota: It’s against the law to remove a purple coneflower from a field.
35. Ohio: All hotel pillowcases must be white or off-white.
36. Oklahoma: It’s illegal to disturb a salamander in a cave.
37. Oregon: It’s illegal to pick flowers within 500 feet of a highway.
38. Pennsylvania: It’s against the law for a fortune teller to tell someone where to dig for buried treasure.
39. Rhode Island: Fighting by appointment is prohibited.
40. South Carolina: It’s illegal to bet on the results of an election.
41. South Dakota: It’s a crime to molest a mink den.
42. Tennessee: A permit is required to sell seeds.
43. Texas: Swine cannot be kept within 500 feet of a cemetery in counties with over 525,000 people.
44. Utah: It’s a crime to mutilate a library book.
45. Vermont: A person is not allowed to eat in a cemetery without express permission.
46. Virginia: It’s illegal to write a term paper for someone else.
47. Washington: It’s illegal to feed ducks in a park.
48. West Virginia: It’s a crime against the government to display a red or black flag.
49. Wisconsin: Livestock have the right of way along highways.
50. Wyoming: It’s a crime to open a gate and fail to close it.


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