We aren’t entitled to anything

Well, the playlist site I’ve used for seven years is gone. They turned it into a Pandora-like station and in the process they erased my account and all six or seven of my playlists that I cringe to think of how many hours, days, weeks I spent creating. A lot of those songs I found were ones I hadn’t heard since I was in grade school and some of the other ones were extremely difficult to find. I went on their page to complain and I did say I’d appreciate getting my playlists back but some of the other comments on their page were crazy! Some people were telling them “F you” and similar. I can understand the anger, I was angry too. But after reading the other angry comments that were there I realized the level of entitlement in this world has become frighteningly high, and I too started to fall into that trap. It’s an easy one to fall into, especially when I’ve been using the site for as long as I have, I just didn’t expect it to suddenly be gone without warning. So I just took a deep breath, dismissed my frustration, and remembered that this was a free site. I was using their product for free. If you want something, you pay for it. Period. If you pay for it, you’ve earned it. Then and only then can you complain if something happens to it. If I’m not willing to pay for something but I want to use it for free, then I understand that it’s not mine, I’m not entitled to it, and it can be revoked at any time for any reason because I did not pay to use it. I was foolish to think that the website would always be there. I guess I thought it would be around forever because to me it always was there. But I should have known that a free website like that, especially in this day, is not really free, someone has to pay for it, and when that person is no longer willing to pay for it then the site is no longer available to use. Apparently they had licensing issues as well and ran into the same problems the Napster site ran into, so to save it I guess they had to make it into another internet radio site where it is still free but you no longer get to pick the songs you listen to or make a playlist of songs that you want to hear over and over again. Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is I shouldn’t be complaining that the site is gone. Instead of looking at this site as a free music site that was taken away from me, I should just be grateful that I had seven years to listen to any song I wanted to for free.

And aside from the lessons in entitlement and keeping things in perspective, this has taught me another lesson too; if I want to keep something, then I shouldn’t rely on a website to keep it. All those songs I wish I’d wrote down the title and artist of them, because I don’t have a lot of the names of the songs anymore. Facebook and Youtube are the only places where I have most of my pictures and videos, and if these sites crashed, all of that would be gone, so I should probably get started on backing them up and printing off the pictures and getting the videos on a DVD. So if that’s the story for anyone else, then let that be a reminder to back up all your stuff that you don’t want to disappear with the website or your computer.


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