When I was pregnant, I cried over….THIS?!

I was on babycenter.com and one of the posts on my board was, “What is the silliest reason you’ve cried?”

Well, being pregnant, i’m an emotional train wreck. Some of these though, I can’t even use pregnancy as an excuse. I ended up posting on there at least five times because i kept remembering absolutely dumb reasons, like, I can’t even begin to figure out which one was the stupidest.

So here’s my list;

I cried because my husband threw up.

I cried because i was playing Final Fantasy 7 and I was afraid i was going to accidentally sell the character’s “Memento of Father” and i cried because i thought of how sad the video game character would be if I accidentally sold it.

I cried over a cat food commercial

I cried over a Dawn dish soap ad

I was watching Ghost Whisperer, and I cried because the ghost/dead guy looked like my husband, and then when i saw it a second time, i felt like an idiot because they looked absolutely nothing alike, except maybe for the hair and body frame.

I felt bad for the dishwasher for having to do the dishes

I didn’t want to take one of the last two bananas because i didn’t want to leave one banana just sitting there, so i ate them both, even though i only wanted one

I cried because my husband wouldn’t let me post his picture on a babycenter board post “Let’s see your husband” and the other girls were posting their husbands’ pictures, and then he and I got in a stupid argument later that same day and I cried because I never win arguments with him, and then at the end of the day, I cried because I’d spent the whole day crying and upset, when he only had a few days left before leaving for basic training in the Navy and all i wanted to do was cuddle with him on his last few days here and not get in a fight with him.

I cried because the garbage was full and it was my husband’s job to take out the trash, but he wasn’t there to do it.

And finally….I cried over baby bibs


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