When you love someone…

You know you love someone when:

1. you would do anything to make them smile

2. you have done something for them that you would never think to do for yourself

3. you would rather die than see them get hurt either by you or someone else

4. you find that you are always thinking of them, they are on your mind first thing in the morning and the last thing you think of before you go to sleep (and it’s not obsessive)

5. you find that they fill the void in your life that you didn’t even realize was there

6. you love them regardless of whether or not their appearance changes

7. you can’t imagine your life without them in it

8. you are immediately ashamed of yourself if you lie to them

9. you realize that if they weren’t in your life for whatever reason, like if they died or something, you would be completely lost

10. you feel weird when you’re by yourself because you’re used to sleeping with someone next to you or holding a hand when you’re walking down the street

AND FINALLY………………………..

11. You know you love that special someone when they make your day, even if it has been the worst day of your life; it is worth it cuddling up with them at the end of the day and they make all your troubles go away.


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