School Days, School Days



Welcome to Bichet Schoolhouse, one of the many abandoned one-room schoolhouses throughout the state of Kansas. Located in Marion County, Bichet Schoolhouse was built in 1896, specifically for the French families who settled along the Cottonwood River. There were only 8 families with children who attended this school at first, and only one teacher taught children of all ages. To the left of the school is a storm shelter where students could go in case of a tornado. In between the school and storm shelter was a water pump. The outhouse was located nearby. While many one-room schoolhouses have fallen prey to time and weather, many, like Bichet School, still stand to serve as a reminder of times past; times we heard about in the stories our grandparents and great-grandparents told. This building has been listed in the National Historic Register and is one of the most well-preserved schoolhouses I’ve seen. (Photo source: Bichet School, Lynn Sprowl)



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