School Spirit!

So I missed a week of my tribute to old abandoned schools, so here I’ll start up again. Number 4 on the list:

Welcome to Farrar Elementary School in Iowa. Built in 1902 and closing down after 80 years of service, the school was originally known as Washington Township Consolidated School until it merged in 1958 with the Bondurant School District. No more than 400 students attended, and the students were ranged between kindergarten and twelfth grade, and were the children of the farm families who lived in small cabins that dotted the area in the early 1900s. The school also functioned as a community center. Among other things supposedly in the school’s history are allegations of abuse of students who attended. I can’t find any documentation supporting this claim, but apparently harsh punishments were dealt out to school children and there was speculation of an abusive janitor, but it could all very well be legend. The school remained open until 2004 when budget cuts caused it to close it’s doors forever. It now sits abandoned, and the building’s caretakers and locals claim the old school to be haunted by the ghost of the angry abusive janitor who apparently died there.



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