God Bless the USA

God Bless the USA

Lee Greenwood wrote this song in 1984 because he’d “always wanted to write a song about America” and he felt that the nation was in a state of division at the time.
Greenwood first played the song at a local concert and it received a standing ovation, but it was first played nationally for President Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan at the Republican National Convention, and “God Bless the USA”grew in popularity after the Gulf War in 1991 and remained a staple for the patriotic events of Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and the 4th of July. It was also played in abundance after 9/11 as teary-eyed Americans remembered the horrific tragedy that took the lives of over three thousand Americans, and that song became more of a symbol of American pride and how we would not falter. Greenwood intended it to be a song to unite Americans, and it seems to have done just that after 9/11. The melody played on as Americans hung “United We Stand” signs in the windows of their house and proudly displayed American flags on their front porches. It was a song of life and hope then, and after Hurricane Katrina it was played again for those same reasons.
God Bless the USA has been featured in many “American Patriotic Songs” albums and stands alongside God Bless America and America the Beautiful as one of the most memorable, most unifying, and most tear-jerking songs America has ever seen.
Below: Please enjoy a beautiful video featuring “God Bless America” as sung by Lee Greenwood.


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