The Lonely School House

The Lonely School House

The laughter of children still drifts across the overgrown school yard
The sound of the school bell still echoes across the plain.
Through the thin veil of a bygone era,
You can picture them back at school again.

The schoolhouse no longer sits abandoned.
Children line up two by two
The teacher and principal stand at the door
Greeting the children with, “Good morning to you!”

In one single classroom, children of all ages gather.
One single teacher stands at the front of the room.
The chalkboard reads her name in fine cursive
On her desk is an apple and a pot of flowers in full bloom.

She begins the day with the pledge of allegiance
Then with enthusiasm, she teaches subjects of all kinds
Arithmetic, Geography, Reading, Spelling
To mold her students’ young minds.

At lunch, they are turned loose to go to their homes
You can almost see them running down the street
Anxious to tell their parents about their morning
and anxious for a bowl of warm soup to eat.

They return to school to finish their day
With songs, math bees, and their spelling word list.
At three o’clock, the school bell rings.
The teacher smiles, and says “Class dismissed.”

The veil of time falls back again
The old school house is in a ruin once more.
Windows are all bashed out of the frames
The walls are collapsed and there is a hole in the floor.

Desks are toppled over, papers are strewn about
The chalkboard has fallen from the wall.
In faded penmanship in chalk are the words
“See you again in the fall!”

Yet the doorway to the school remained closed,
a board sits over it to this day
The old schoolhouse will continue to crumble
All the existence of it will fade away.

But for now as it stands, waiting,
And though time is but a mist,
Listen very closely and you’ll still hear it;
“Class dismissed.”

The Lonely Schoolhouse
Cedar Point, Kansas

Happy 1st day of School!



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