Last Call

Last Call: The Reminiscing of a Route 66 bar

The old bartender unlocked the door
From near and far, the travelers came.
Some were rich and some were poor.
But here at the bar, they were all the same.

All travelers of the old ’66
Would stop in and have a bite and a drink.
Happy to get a social fix
They would laugh until they were pink.

We did quite well till the interstate
Then everyone forgot I was here.
Occasionally a local would come in late
Sometimes his would be the only sold beer.

The barman announced ‘last call’
Then he closed and locked up for good.
Chains on my windows, doors, and all,
I was left to the mercy of the neighborhood.

Wasn’t long before the town faded away.
Everything is gone, every home, every store.
But I hold the hope that there will come a day
when my sign will read ‘Open’ once more.

-Abandoned Last Stop Bar, Route 66 Texola, Oklahoma
(Written in dedication to the small business owners of Route 66).



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