The Fun Park

A partially collapsed roller coaster
and a Ferris wheel overtaken by trees,
A rusted swing and merry-go-round;
This is what every visitor sees.

Every now and then they come,
Sometimes by accident they discover our park
We run to the shadows and wait till they’re gone
and then we come out after dark.

This was a place where laughter once rang
a place that was packed rain or shine,
a place where children begged to go
and their annoyed parents waited in line.

Then times got hard, the people grew bored
The large crowd soon became few,
the money ran out, the lights turned out for good,
and the gate was locked by the park’s crew.

Now the only laughter you’ll hear is ours,
echoing throughout the night.
It’s our turn to come out and play
and we do, till the morning light.

We run and we romp,
and we laugh and sing,
we ride the Ferris wheel, the coaster
and that rusted old swing!

We haven’t a bedtime, we don’t have to leave,
we can stay here all night and all day.
You have places to call your own,
Now we too have a place we can play.

Who cares about this abandoned old park?
No one continued with this endeavor.
So you see, we’ve claimed it, it’s ours
And it will be ours forever.

-Dedicated to Lake Shawnee fun park, Lake Shawnee West Virginia



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