If I found a genie

If I found a genie, I’d ask for peace on earth

And for people to gain the ability to see how much they’re worth.

I’d ask that everyone would have a home and food to eat

So no more people or animals are left hungry on the street.

I’d ask for the sick to be healed, and that cancer would disappear

I’d ask for the blind to be able to see and the deaf to be able to hear.

I’d ask for all of us to get along, regardless of politics, class, religion or race.

I’d ask that we see each other as we truly are: one people in one place.

I’d ask for our environment to replenish and our waters to run pure

I’d ask for trees to be replanted and the extinct animals to return.

I’d ask for peace and comfort to everyone in grief.

I’d ask that suffering would end, and any illness would be brief.

I’d ask for a world where all the tears would dry, and all the pain would end.

But this can’t be, unfortunately, because genies are just pretend.


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