Have a Coke

Come in, come in, get your last soda pop.
Hurry now, before we close up shop.
Times are bad, the patrons are few
I can’t afford to stay open so what’s left to do?
The windows will be boarded up, the doors will lock for good.
I will be left to the mercy of the neighborhood.
The weather will fade my beautiful signs
My interior walls and floors will crumble with time.
One day I’ll be a relic that you’ll pass by
And wonder what it was that caused me to die.

Once I was a beautiful building, but time has been unkind.
May I stand as a lesson we all must keep in mind.
No one is immune to hardship and failure.
Not even the most successful retailer.
No one’s future is ever set in stone,
and one day you too could lose everything you own.
So enjoy every day that you have with a smile.
And make all the time you have left worthwhile.

Hopefully someone will rebuild and restore,
If they do, please come in to have a Coke once more.
Hopefully I can still stand to wait until then.
If I do, I would love to see my patrons again.



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