Game Over

In honor of “America’s Game” today:

Game Over

Listen very closely
and you will hear
the crack of a bat
and a chorus of cheers.

“Popcorn! Popcorn!
Hot dogs, too.
Sunflower seeds
or a cold beer for you?”

Squint and you’ll see
the crowd file in.
The umpire calls
“Let the games begin!”

The fans find their seats.
They excitedly chatter.
Players take their positions
And here comes the batter.

He stands by the dugout,
takes practice swings.
The pitcher lobs throws,
The waiting crowd sings,

“Take me out to the ballgame.
Take me out with the crowd!”
Years have gone by
and it still echoes loud.

Gaze out at the field
and what do you see?
Deserted stands,
a fallen tree,

An overgrown field,
A dugout in shambles.
Home plate has been lost
in the grass and the brambles.

But see with your ears
And see with your mind.
The sound, “Batter up!”
comes through walls of time.



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