Blue Light’s Out

“Attention shoppers, attention shoppers!
Please make your way to the back of the store.
It’s our blue light special today.
We’ve got accessories galore!

To your right, the snacks and drinks.
To your left, the toys!
We’ve got dolls and matchbox cars,
everything for the girls and boys.

Go over to the apparel department.
You might find something you like.
Be sure to visit the sporting goods section
And go get yourself a bike!

Attention shoppers, attention shoppers,
We have bad news you should know.
Times are getting tough for us
so everything must go.

Our franchise here will close its doors.
Our shelves will be bare.
Our windows will be boarded up,
They’ll block off all the stairs.

They’ll take down the big red K
and put it away for good.
This building will be left
to the mercy of the neighborhood.

Attention shoppers, attention shoppers.
Thank you for coming today.
Please make your way to the exit doors
and put your shopping carts away.

We hope you were happy here.
Customer service is what we’re about.
It’s been our pleasure to serve you.
The blue light’s now gone out.

-Dedicated to Kmart, and also dedicated to my grandma who is probably the only reason the Sprague Ave Kmart is still around. She would take me there and let me pick something out whenever I would spend the night with her.

Thank you, Kmart, for the memories.



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