When Walls Talk

“I was someone’s piece of heaven on earth.
Someone’s dream come true.
This peeling gray exterior of mine
once was a joyful blue.

See this dead tree next to me?
Tied to it was a swing.
See this dried-up ditch behind me?
This once was a nice, clean spring.

In my yard, young children ran.
Laughter rang all day.
Games like Simon Says and Hopscotch
were what those kids would play.

One day they packed what they could carry,
piled in their car and were gone.
They left me all alone,
staring out at my dying lawn.

Vandals went from room to room
tearing out my fixtures and walls.
One day a lightning bolt struck me
and fire ripped through my halls.

Yesterday my stairs collapsed,
then the second floor came down.
Water damage from the rains
have rotted my carpets brown.

I thought one day they would return.
I guess now I was wrong.
I’m an old decrepit house,
and I won’t be standing long.

Someone’s dream has turned to dust.
Time is such a thief.
The sand in the hourglass runs out for us all.
Sadly, life is far too brief.”


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